Architect 3D Platinium 2017

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    Architect 3D Platinium 2017 (V19)

    All the tools you need to design your project like a pro!

    – Design, equip and decorate your dream home with the greatest of ease
    – Enjoy exceptional rendering thanks to the new generation 3D engine
    – Easy access to project setup, recent projects, sample plans, and advanced cost estimation tool
    – Graphic editor for your windows, doors, ceilings, trims and mantels
    – Edit your dream swimming pool
    – Save virtual tours of your house and share with your friends, just like a video

    What’s New in Architecte 3D Platinum 2017:

    NEW! Material Editor
    – Easily edit materials to customize your designs
    – Edit RGB values, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Shadows, Midtones, Highlights, and Gamma Correction

    NEW! Sketchup Import
    – Compatible with new Sketchup formats and it’s easier to edit objects within the program.
    – NEW! Double Door and Door Mounting Options

    NEW! Shutter Tool
    – Easily add shutters that automatically size to your windows.

    NEW! Improved Symbols
    – Create your own custom drawn 2D plant symbols or customize existing ones
    – Use the new Auto-Symbol Generator to create more accurate 2D symbols for furniture and 3D components

    NEW! Customizable Plant Sizes
    – Set the exact plant size needed for your design.
    – NEW! Panning in 3D

    NEW! 3D Cutaway Tool
    – Cut form any angle, vertically or horizontally, at a specific elevation.


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